Patricia Melero, Teacher

Where are you from? I was born in New York City and raised in Darien, Connecticut.


Education and Awards:

University of Colorado-Boulder, B.A. in Spanish

Licenses: K-6 licensure

Certifications: Lead Teacher, CO


Position at CGL: Preschool Teacher


Year started at CGL: December 2013


Why you choose to teach at CGL: CGL has a very calm and nurturing environment, which are two aspects that allow students to feel safe and ultimately succeed in their learning. In addition, at CGL children are encouraged to examine the world around them and what specifically interests them, making learning a fluid process. I also appreciate that the entire staff are driven to create valuable learning experiences for their students.


Favorite moment in the classroom: My favorite memories with children are immersed in nature where they can co-exist and learn from all the life around them. Inevitably children feel connected and at ease within this environment.


Hobbies and interests: I love to travel and explore the dynamic approaches to life. I am a nature lover and find serenity hiking high up in the mountains with my dog. Music is a wonderful force in my reality, I constantly learn more about myself simply by listening. I appreciate any form of creativity varying from dance, music, theater, and poetry. It is fascinating to be transported into an artist’s vision and then contemplate how this impacts your own beliefs.