Ellie O’ Loughlin, Teacher

Where are you from?

Wingdale, NY

Education and awards:

I studied art history and art education

Position at CGL:

Room C Teacher

Year started at CGL:

September, 2018

Why you choose to teach at CGL:

Another teacher referred me, she knew how much I love kids and how well I get along with them so it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Each child has such a unique personality that makes hanging out with tiny humans all day the most enjoyable way I could spend my time.

Favorite moment in the classroom:

When the kids see you after not seeing you for a few days and the excitement that their little face expresses and the biggest most heart melting hug you can get is always the best.

Hobbies and Interests:

I love hanging out with my dog, Flip, snowboarding, building snowmen or forts, playing in the snow in general. I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, running, listening to every type of music, reading, playing board games and watching movies.