Audrey Asfazadour, Teacher

Where are you from? I grew up in San Diego, California, spent several years in
Reno, Nevada, and moved here to Edwards in April of 2018.

Education and awards: I have obtained my Early Childhood Education Teaching
Certificate from Colorado Mountain College.

Position at CGL: Lead Teacher in Room D and AM Assistant on Friday
Year started at CGL: I started working at the Children’s Garden of Learning in
March of 2019.

Why you choose to teach at CGL: I chose to teach at The Children’s Garden of
learning because of my passion for working with children, I believe that early
childhood education is extremely important and I am excited and proud to be a
part of it. This school is incredible. The children are remarkable, being here is
the best part of my day, every day.
Favorite moment in the classroom: When I first started working at CGL, I was
approached by a student during nap time who tapped on my shoulder and asked
me if I worked at a gas station. Taken aback, I asked him if looked like I work at a
gas station and he informed me that I did because of my hat (a camo trucker hat).
I was blown away by the not only the humor in it but also by his curiosity and
imagination and it has been awesome to see how much he has grown since.

Hobbies and Interests: I get a kick out of all things outdoors, particularly
swimming and hiking. I grew up camping with my family and it is still one of my
favorite things to do. I also enjoy reading, although lately textbooks have taken
the place of reading for pleasure. I’m also a sucker for cheesy game nights with
my gal pals, and just spending time with my dog Quincy, friends, and family in