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Review One

Children's Garden of Learning was key in forming who Hugh and Margaret are today - curious, well behaved, bright, outgoing kids who know they have a bigger role in the world. Thank you.Katie & David Campbell

Review Two

“Thank you always for everything! Our experience at CGL has been beyond my wildest expectations. A++++++!!! I believe that you have all been an integral part of my son's growth, development, and maturing of my sweet little boy. I appreciate all you do." Wendy Collins

Review Three

"I have lived and witnessed your program and I am grateful that my two boys attended the CGL for their preschool experience. It is a developmental appropriate, nurturing, exciting, and loving school. You address individual needs and support children along with their families. It is always amazing to walk in your doors, feel welcome, and see the ceiling to floor creations that address "readiness”, creativity, wonderful learning foundations, exploration, and thinking skills. Your program is necessary, appropriate, and appreciated!"As a parent/Kindergarten Teacher, Nancy Allen, Kindergarten Teacher, June Creek Elementary School

Review Four

"I wanted to say THANK YOU to for putting together the Kindergarten Readiness evening. It was really informative and appreciated! Please thank Nancy, Nancy and Deb for taking their time to meet with us parents. How lucky are we to have educators/teachers like those 3 ladies in our community? Seriously! They are all so great—as a parent it is so reassuring to know our kids will soon be under their direction and love. Also, and I mean this (not trying to be cheesy)—it is so awesome that Children’s Garden cares so much about their ‘friends’ transitioning into kindergarten. As I listened to Deb, Nancy and Nancy describe the skills we should be working on, it struck me so clearly that at CGL, our awesome teachers are doing all those things. I LOVE CHILDREN’S GARDEN. You ladies are truly so incredible. Thank you again for all that you do for my children."Tina Vardaman, Preschool Mom

Review Five

"Thanks so much for giving us a tour yesterday. Both my children really enjoyed it and were excited to tell their dad all about it. The facility and teachers were amazing. I really felt a warm and caring environment which is what I am trying to find for the kids. I look forward to hearing from you in the next few months and thanks again for taking the time to show us around."Tara, Preschool Mom

Review Six

"We have found kindergartners that come from CGL are well equipped to succeed in school. Through CGL's Reggio Emilio inspired approach, the students are creative thinkers with have strong communication skills. Whenever we visit CGL, we are impressed by the level of connections between the dedicated teachers and the students. CGL does a wonderful job creating a safe environment that allows the young learner to take the necessary risks, socially, academically and emotionally, to grow and develop as lifelong learners."Julie Schlossinger, Lower School Director, Vail Mountain School

Review Seven

"Hello dear CGL teachers and management, I am writing to tell you about some comments I have received in the last couple of weeks. As a proud mom, I was sharing my daughter’s journal with my coworkers and more recently at some gathering with friends and family; I can’t describe to you their amazement when they read through the journal. Not one person could believe their eyes, they couldn’t believe this is done every day and they of course loved the pictures and the detail of the notes. You set the standard so high and I am so proud to have my child going to you every morning. Thank you so much for your time and dedication---this journal is a gift to my child and our family. It has helped us reconnect at the end of the day, laugh together and celebrate achievements together. I will pass it on to my kids’ children and it will forever remind us of how lucky we were to have a group of dedicated teachers like you in our community. Thank you to all CGL staff and thank you for being part of our lives."Olga Wilkins, Eagle County Children & Family Services Supervisor

Review Eight

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful visit at your preschool. I truly enjoyed learning more about your school, the curriculum, and most importantly seeing the children so engaged in their activities and learning. Watching the children being able to foster their creative side was an especially attractive aspect of school. I look forward to hearing from you once you begin "non-current" student enrollment and hope that we can be a part of your school come this summer."Shelly Gaskill, Preschool Mom