Children’s Garden maintains a wait list, by age, which it uses for enrollment outreach. There is no charge to families to be put on this waitlist and a call to the office is all that is necessary (at 970-476-1420).



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Prospective families are welcome to contact us at any time to be added to the waitlist and schedule a tour. Families will be contacted in the spring after our current families have indicated their intent to return. Admission is based on a variety of factors, including length of time on the waitlist, whether the child is a sibling of a past or current student, and where the family lives and works. Prospective toddlers must be 18 months by August 18th to enroll. Children’s Garden of Learning is committed to being a school where children of differing race, sex, religion, and abilities are welcomed.

If you have questions about the admission process or would like to schedule a tour, please feel free contact us or call 970-476-1420.