Are Toddlers Ready for Preschool?

Children benefit tremendously from a program designed to help and encourage them to learn the skills that are developmentally appropriate for their age. Specifically, the areas of self-help and social-emotional skills are ones we emphasize at CGL. From a child’s first day at school, we observe and document the amazing progress they make. Toddlers learn by watching and listening to both their peers and their teachers:

  •    How to listen
  •    How to wait their turn
  •    How to use their words, instead of their hands
  •    How to resolve conflicts with their friends
  •    How to use their cubbies for their lunch, their jacket, their art
  •    How to wash their hands, put on their snow clothes, put away their lunch box

While developing these skills, toddlers develop friendships and bonds with their classmates and their teachers. Their teachers provide them with loving, nurturing and consistent guidance. The foundations for preschool, kindergarten and beyond are developed.

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